Quotes That You Should Follow To Become and Remain Successful In Life


Quotations are small but meaningless phrases that help us in understanding various aspects of life.

Quotes inspire us to beat the odds and sometimes they resonate with our success, leaving a permanent mark on our memory!

Today, we give you five such quotations on various aspects of life that you should always follow to become and remain successful in the same:

1. On… What Others Think

A lion never loses his sleep,

Over the opinions of sheeps.

-John G. Stevens

2. On… Demons of the Past

Past is a good place to visit,

But not the one to stay!


3. On… Pain of Hard Work

According to the pain,

Is the gain!

-Pirkei Avot

(2nd CENTURY Herbew)

4. On… Bravery

Anything is possible,

If you have got enough nerve.


5. On… Fears

Do the thing you fear the most,

And the death of fear is certain.

-Mark Twain

We know how liberated you must be feeling right now… just a few friendly quotes, you see!