He Quit His Secured Engineering Job to Become an Entrepreneur of Rs 60 Cr Turnover Firm


This is the story of Paras Chopra who quit his secure job as an engineer to build his own successful startup. In India, his venture is listed in the top successful start-ups with an annual turnover of about Rs 60 crore.

He graduated with a degree in biotech engineering. Since childhood, his interests were locked in computers. Paras was born and brought up in Punjab in a middle-class family and his father once had bought a computer for official work. He grew up watching his father working on the computer. When he was 13, other children were interested in playing games on the computer while Paras started programming. He specialized in programming by the time he completed his schooling. Despite all his interest in computer programming he chose to study biotechnology.

While Paras was in school he had read an article on ‘How to Start a Startup’ which inspired him to think of one for himself. Paras even tried his luck in some Start-ups while he was in college however failed as there wasn’t any business model concrete enough to be converted into a successful business.

In 2008, he began his career as an engineer. However, as he worked he also continued to find different possibilities of start-ups with innovative ideas. His hard work paid off and he managed to prepare a project successfully which had a mixture of analytics, marketing, and technology.

Paras began working on his project with confidence and determination whilst simultaneously doing his job. The goal he had in mind was to generate a platform for Google Analytics to help users improve and optimize their websites. He relentlessly worked hard for eight months. In the year 2010, he launched his software named “Visual Website Optimizer” successfully.

The product received preference from many within few months and was an instant hit. The parent company of Paras, “Wingify” turned into one of the world’s top analytics software providers. After receiving immense success he left his job and focused thoroughly on his company. By 2011, the company turnover reached over Rs 18 lakh and currently has crossed the figure of $ 10 million.

Presently Paras has over 40 employees working with his company with about 7500 customers globally. ClearTrip, Microsoft, Groupone, Walt Disney, Airbnb, and Hotels.com are some of the established clients of Wingify.