Quick Tips for Introverts in Sales


As an introvert, no one can believe you can do great in sales. Conferences exhaust you, you pretend to be outgoing at work and do all kinds of things that you need to do to be a high performer. But it does become tiring for you at a point as an introvert.

However, being what you really are (introvert) and not playing the pretend game can actually turn you into a successful person in sales.

Here are quick tips to thrive in sales as an introvert and moreover make it your asset.

Just be you

Most are in the wrong perception that they need to be ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’ to actually succeed. But the key to confidence lies in understanding and owning your selling style. You need to be the most comfortable and that is when you be the real you.

Make it personal


When you share your own experience you are bound to be remembered. You become memorable by talking about yourself. Your likes and dislikes as well as hobbies, love for a product etc. The people are going to remember you and not the product you are selling. Your expertise in yourself cannot be questioned.

Never quit before getting started

Perhaps following up is the most difficult part for you. There is where the money lies though. To increase sales you have to follow up. The first ask is just the beginning.

Not all are ready to buy today. When people try to put off the conversation and say they are not ready it is just the part of sales. But that’s where your role plays a part, you need to follow up tomorrow, next week and next month.

It is said that 60% of sales occur after the fourth discussion. However, 94% of people quit after the fourth call. And the fact is that the 6% are actually making a lot more money.

Never be guilty

You need to set off with the right mindset. Feeling guilty over asking someone to buy something can be preparing you for failure. You need to think that selling is serving. It is like you are sharing a special gift or magic with someone.

Show up and be seen

As an introvert, not publicizing your skills can make things difficult for you. Your astonishing style of doing business has to be put forth and not kept a secret. Take a leap and share with people your skills, perhaps you will receive surprising feedbacks and opinions.