Questions To Ask Yourself If You Feel Afraid Of Falling In Love


Do you realize if you are set for a new relationship or if you would be better off remaining single? Do you have one foot in and one foot out of the companionship? Possibly you have been desiring for closeness and now that the possibility of it has arrived, you feel afraid of love. If any of these insights have crossed your soul, you are at the edge of the cliff and the other side is just a leap away. Do ask these questions to yourself if you are scared of falling in love –

Do you have a big concern about losing your independence?
When you think about being in a faithful relationship, do you feel concerned about squandering yourself? Do you have a suspicion of engulfment of being suppressed or controlled? Do you quit putting yourself first by thinking you have to give yourself up entirely to be cherished wholly by another?

Do you feel troubled about getting hurt?
When you think about going into a faithful relationship, do you feel worried or apprehensive about being refused, betrayed, or losing a committed companion to end? Does the concern of the loss of your partner feel too scary to you? The fear of rejection and the fear of engulfment often go hand in hand. Under the fear of engulfment might be a fear that if you don’t give yourself up, you will be rejected.Reasons why your 20s is not meant for a serious relationship

Are there “red” flags?
You know things get worse if there are red flags when you see and understand them. Your new or old love may be addressing the circumstances as if it’s a tiny matter that won’t harm you but it will in the future. Do not slump in love with them. If you really think they’re worth the journey of love, walk very carefully.