Powerful Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Robin Williams’ Movies


We think to be famous and in the know is everything and dreamlike, however, the reality is far from this. It is unbelievable how an actor who has put a smile on millions of faces took his own life due to alleged depression. Robin William’s brand of comedy and his ability to communicate the deepest thoughts couldn’t be matched. He effectively used his skills in motion pictures standing as the greatest validation of his life story.

Here are handpicked powerful lessons that Robin William taught us through his movies that we all should know and follow in our lives.


The movie wasn’t well received at the box office however it contains a powerful message about unplugging and spending time with our family. We are so reliant on gadgets for our daily happiness that the movie seems quite relevant presently than in 2006.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams’ character Adrian who is a jovial radio jockey runs afoul of the management due to his chirpiness. We learn from the power of his good deeds he has an instant hit with the troops.

Patch Adams

It is the story of Dr. Hunter Adams who is committed to a mental institution helping patients there to cope with their problems with humor. This incredible heartwarming movie shows you the power of touching other people’s lives.


The movie shows how the way to an adventure is to get right into it. Even if you can’t comprehend whats going on getting in and do your best.

Bicentennial Man

If you ever just felt that you were meant to do something and your life has a greater purpose then this movie will affirm your feelings. It displays the power of destiny.


The movie based on the true story of British neurologist Oliver Sacks in which Robin Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, one who believes in the triumph of man’s spirit over any problems or diseases.

Good Will Hunting

One of the classics, for which Williams won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He plays Dr. Sean Maguire dispensing life advice about love, relationships, and loss. He shows the power of wisdom in this movie.

Dead Poets Society

The movie is a Robin Williams classic carrying the message of breaking stereotypes that we are surrounded with. It shows the power of ideas.


In this movie, his character suffers from a form of progeria which makes him age four times as much as a normal person. The movie carries the message of the power of life.

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