Pieces of Clothing You Should Never Throw Away


Most of us believe in wearing clothing pieces that make us feel comfortable and good regardless of them being in vogue or not. However, we are all guilty of succumbing into a trend and getting ourselves clothing pieces like crop tops, cargo pants, statement necklaces etc.

Even if you are someone who strictly follows the fashion trends, it is already proven that its just a matter of time before those fads will be back in style. The old somehow manages to get incorporated and upgrade with the new. With this you should understand that before you clean out your closet next time, think carefully.

Do you have things which if taken care of properly can last you ages when it is back in style because some celebrity flaunted in it?

Here are wardrobe staples that you should consider never throwing away which can turn into your vintage collection.

A leather jacket

If you own a leather jacket, you know you invested a lot of cash in it in the first place. Make a few repair and try to make it look brand new. A little messy jacket will work fine too. But it is a classy staple piece that you should never get rid of.

Statement Blazer

If you shopped for it just because it was on trend then it’s fine because you can keep it a little longer for its style. It is more practical than any other blazer or casual suit you could ever ask for.

Ripped denim

Let’s face it, it never goes out of style. You may buy different types of denim but this one is a classic piece, you will be grateful for not getting rid.

Trench coat

Don’t get rid of it yet. You can always use it to nail your layering game. Just collaborate it with some cool pieces to renew its look, you will not regret it.

White button down shirt

It can be paired with any piece of clothing and it really is a chameleon of clothes. It works just fine with whatever kind of outfit you need.

Black skinny pants

They are just a lot of comfier than following some trend and throwing it away!

Little Black dress

You will need it, trust us! You will make more use out of it once you decide not to get rid of it.

Oversized denim jacket

Denim jackets are the classiest and easiest pieces to wear and instantly look ready and slashing.

Turtle neck

This style has time and again appeared back. Take your chances with it!

Two piece set

The recently trending two piece set will soon be seen again. You don’t want to miss your chances on it so keep it longer.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)