Petite Girls Can Bust These Fashion Myths Right Away


There are no rules for personal taste and style. Basically, anybody can try out what they love whether they are short or tall, thin or plump. Some might love to stick to illusion tricks but nothing should stop you from wearing what is on trend. Here are some short girl fashion myths put to rest so that any girl can sport anything with grace irrespective of her frame.

Ankle strap heels cut down your height

It is said that ankle length heels can really make your legs look shorter as the straps cut down the vision. It is ridiculous but if you still have doubt avoid chunky straps and maybe wear nude tones to create an illusion of height.

Maxi dresses make you look short

It’s totally okay to wear a maxi dress if you are feeling super comfortable in it. Get yourself a belt to cinch the waist and make sure your maxi dress has side slits. It will create an illusion of long legs.

Oversized clothes are only for tall girls

If you are petite and feel that oversized tops overwhelm your frame then you are wrong. You need just balance your outfit well. When pair the loose oversized tee with fitted pants it gives you the perfect look.

Flats are not for short girls

If you are more comfortable wearing flats then you shouldn’t stop wearing them. You may opt to wear boots which look equally stylish if you feel like wearing flats. You can even go for a pair of pointy flats which are quite chic.

You shouldn’t wear midi hemlines

It cannot make you look shorter. It can only overwhelm you frame which is why you can wear high waisted skirts or cinch waist with a belt. This will help your legs to look longer. You can complete the outfit by wearing kitten heels or wedges and you are really ready.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)