Perfect Ways Entrepreneurs Should Start Their Day


Howard Schultz’s mornings, entrepreneur and the man behind Starbucks, are all about coffee. He wakes up at 4.30am to walk his dogs and comes back to prepare his coffee. He makes coarse grind aged Sumatra for himself and his wife and his work starts thereafter.

Steve Jobs, entrepreneur, and business magnate had a completely distinct morning routine yet a simple one. He would go up to the mirror and ask if today was his last day would he be happy with what he was about to do that day. He would know if things should be changed if the answer was no.

Bill Gates starts his morning with mind and body exercise. He spends an hour on his treadmill and watches instructional videos to ensure that his health is taken care of.

So does your morning routine fit your situation?

Morning routines are exclusive and special. Sometimes it takes time and thought to discover what suits you best. While most start their day checking into their inbox some like to stay away from it as if it were a plague.

Importance of morning rituals

Entrepreneur’s morning routine can prepare their mind for the respective day’s work. When you involve in carefully crafting your morning customs you build healthy habits and it gives you a good mood to start your day. As an entrepreneur, such habits influence great energy and power into your system that helps you to make the best out of a day and also prepare you to sustain a demanding schedule.

Find some time for yourself and spend some time with your self in the morning before getting into winning the day. Clear your mind from the clutter that has accumulated from the day before and start afresh. Entrepreneurs should spend some time considering new ways to manage the day. Each person has their own definition of happiness and that should determine their perfect morning routines.

There is no right way or only way that you can start things perfectly. But the best way is for you to discover what activities would trigger your productivity, good mood, and energy and practice those activities each morning. Every morning wake up to follow those activities and commit to your routine.

When you start your day with the way it makes you pumped for the day you feel like you have more control over your day and it makes your day a lot easy and focused. If you have difficulty focusing then try some meditation or stretching sessions in your morning routines.