People Who Are Always Late Are More Likely To Become More Successful


Somebody who nevermore seems to get anywhere on time is often chided as being disrespectful and self-centred. But a closer inspection of the features that belie this bad habit sheds a positive even flattering light on frequently leaving your friends, colleagues, and family members waiting for your delayed arrival. In fact, continually showing up late to professional conferences, social trips, and casual commitments may be associated with features of successful people.

When you’re late a lot, you often need to think on your feet. Imagine, for instance, if you lose track of time and miss your usual bus. You need to come up with a way to or from work right away. Similarly, if you’re late to a meeting, you have to find a clever way to make up to speed or help what your partners already have done. Your overall relaxed, positive attitude probably helps you to some degree.

A recent body of experimental work, reveals that the characteristics that lead to making people late are the very selfsame qualities that can help those people get more successful and lead more productive lives. Psychology has proved that pressure is especially critical for overall well-being. People who get late typically appear less emphasized, cool with deadlines, and usually seem to be more comfortable. That can point to lower blood pressure, fewer chances of diseases of the heart, elevated cardiovascular strength, less chance of stroke, and a less chance of worry, all of which can increase life.

Another reason that a person may end up enduringly late is that they are simply engrossed in another activity and lose track of time. Being enthusiastic about a subject can translate to long-term success, which means late persons may end up being very prosperous. Business managers like Steve Jobs of Apple, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have all shown in on the fact that being truly passionate about your work is the secret to victory.

A recent body of logical work reveals that the traits that tend to make people late are the very same traits that can help them live longer and more productive lives. So basically, the next time somebody complains that you’re moving a few minutes behind, you can state them that you’re doing it all in the honour of success, ability, and health.