Passenger Horrified To See Cello Tape On Cracked Airplane Window, Airline Issues Apology


Recently a picture of the window of an aircraft of airline company SpiceJet has gone viral. Due to which the airline has also suffered a lot of embarrassment. This picture with tape affixed to the broken glass of the window of an aircraft of the company was shared by a passenger on social media.

The picture started to become viral as soon as it was uploaded on the internet and due to this social media users started questioning the company. The matter increased so much that the company had to give a statement.

The passengers sitting on this flight were shocked when the glass of one of the plane’s windows was broken. The surprising thing was that instead of changing it, a cello tape was put on it. In this regard, a passenger posted a photo of this negligence of the airlines from his Twitter handle. It is being told that on November 5, SpiceJet aircraft had landed in Delhi from Mumbai. Its flight number was SG 8152 (VT SYG). The name of the passenger who posted the photo is Hariharan Shankaran.

On Sankaran’s post, the company gave a general reply that the safety of passengers is its priority. After this, Shankaran questioned that if cello tape has been installed there, then it is clear from this that someone knew about the broken window. So why has it not been corrected? When the controversy escalated, SpiceJet clarified this by tweeting it. The company wrote that the crack on the glass was inside. This glass is used so that the external glass is not damaged. Due to this, there are no technical problems. However, the problem was corrected the same day.

It is noteworthy that If the glass of the plane breaks during air travel, a big problem can occur. In such a situation, the pressure inside the plane will dissipate and the outside air will come in rapidly. With this, the temperature inside will fall rapidly and breathing in the plane will also become difficult. At high altitude, the plane can also suffer a lot of damage and it can cause an accident.