Pakistan PM Imran Khan Tested Positive For Coronavirus?


Coronavirus has created havoc worldwide, and the number of cases is rising every day spontaneously. Even celebrities, politicians and big names were tested positive for coronavirus. Above all, recently Prince Charles, wife of Canadian PM, UK PM Boris Johnson, Tom hanks, Rudy Gobert and other stars and politicians contracted coronavirus.

However now in recent claims, British media channel “Arise news” has claimed that Pakistan PM Imran Khan has tested positive for coronavirus.

This news became viral and spread like wildfire on social media. After this, the Government of Pakistan itself had to come and give a statement on this news. Senator Faisal Javed Khan from Imran’s party clarified that PM isn’t infected with COVID-19 and called this claim a rumour. Faisal stated on Twitter and urged people not to spread fake news.

According to the news of ‘Daily Pakistan’, Dr Shahbaz Gul said in a tweet that British TV had to report the story of his country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson infected with Coronavirus. But the channel mistakenly wrote the name of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan instead. Furthermore, Dr Shahbaz Gul further said that ‘Imran Khan saheb is fine and has just gone home from office some time ago’.

PM Imran Khan

More than 27 thousand people worldwide have died from Coronavirus. Furthermore, at the same time, the virus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan too. In Pakistan, 1415 people are tested positive for coronavirus, whereas the death toll has reached 12 people. A vast number of cases arrived in Pakistan due to infected pilgrims from Iran.