Glam up your outfit with right footwear


Give your wardrobe an instant refresh with the help of the some of the coolest shoe trends that are sure to take over this summer.

Here are some trends listed for you guys!!!

* In case if you are a fan of open-toed footwear, flip-flops are the best option. Opt for the leather one since they are more comfortable and breathable, it will keep your feet comfy.

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* If you want to wear flat footwear but do not want open-toed ones, then you should try espadrilles. They are not only comfortable but they also go well with a sundress, shorts, trousers and all other outfits. Go for the candy colors since its still a hit this summer as well.

* If you are bored of wearing the same shoes, again and again, go in for loafers which are apt for your office also while you party. A pair of loafers is a must have for everyone’s wardrobe and the best part is that they come in varied range and colors which can be worn throughout the year.

* Go in for wedges, since they are comfortable in providing support. Go in for floral or bright colored wedges to rock your summer look.

* You will get a whole range of breathable and lightweight sneakers to give that sporty look. Pair them with your denim and flaunt your best summer look.

* Also please keep in mind when you head out ensure to have adequate sun protection to keep your skin safe. Though one is armed with sunscreen lotions to protect the skin and hair, one often neglects their feet. Wear the right, and more importantly, comfortable footwear to avoid excessive sweating that can cause serious infections.

Carl Virk, director of the brand Carlton London, shares some shoe care trends for this summer to maintain the quality of your shoes.

* Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight: Material like leather fades faster when kept in direct sunlight which can lead to drying and be cracking of the shoes. You should store your leather footwear in darker places with a moderate temperature.

* Water is not your shoes’ friend: Water ruins footwear, especially leather footwear. Contacts with water should be avoided to maintain the good condition of your shoes.

* Don’t store shoes in plastic bags: It is advised against keeping shoes (particularly leather) in plastic bags as it restricts the ventilation of the material. Exposure to air for your shoes is important, for them to breath. It is suggested to keep in bags that are made of fabrics like nylon which protect the shoes from moisture and also provide enough ventilation.

* Use Cedar shoe tree: Shoe tree helps in maintaining the shape, reduce creases and soak in excess moisture and odour. Using a shoe tree increases the lifespan of your shoes.

* Avoid keeping socks in shoes: When the socks are kept in the shoes, they leave a pungent smell which leads to bad odour and degrades the shoe quality.

* Rotate your shoes: Leather shoes have a tendency to soak water from your feet so that they need time to dry up naturally. Wearing the same will not allow the shoes to dry up naturally.

* Cleaning and Maintenance: You should clean, polish and condition your shoes regularly with high-quality cleansers and sprays to increase its lifespan.

* Protective soles: Adding a rubber sole protector adds life to your shoes. Rubber top soles protect the outer soul from tearing. It could be water resistant as well.

* Use shoe horn: To protect your heel collar, always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes.

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