Oracle Founder Larry Ellison had dropped out Of College Now His Net worth is $54.7 Billion


This is the story of Larry Ellison who is today the third richest person in the US. But his life beginnings were a struggle. He was brought up in a working-class family of Jewish immigrants in Chicago. He recalls that the Look Magazine called the South Side of Chicago as the oldest and the worst black ghetto in the US.

Ellison was born in 1944, at that time his mother was unmarried and gave him to her relatives to raise and Ellison has never met his biological father. When he was a kid his adoptive father kept telling Ellison that he was good for nothing.

Ellison dropped out of college twice. He was a dropout from the University of Illinois at Urban Campaign and later he dropped out from the University of Chicago. He then moved to California and he started doing odd jobs.

Larry Ellison recalls that he never attended any computer science class in his life yet got hold of a job as a programmer and he was entirely self-taught. All he did was picking up a book and began programming. He worked with Ampex Corporation where one of his responsibilities was to build a database for the CIA. Ellison along with two other coworkers left that job at Ampex and started their own database management firm.

Ellison and his co-founders knew that no one would take the risk on a brand new product and so they chose not to label their first release. Later he admits that the first version was Oracle Version 2.

However, it worked; their first customer was the CIA. And became the most popular database ever sold. The success had paid him off but he had never set a goal of becoming a billionaire. He states that when he launched Oracle his primary goal was to create a work environment where he could enjoy working. He did not expect to be rich. He thinks of his state of success as surreal.

Ellison now collects private jets and cars and owns America’s Cup sailing team. He has a colossal real estate portfolio. His donations are also strong. He gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charity. He particularly donated to medical research and education and even plans to give more.

He clearly proves his adoptive father wrong at the same time Ellison now has a lifestyle which he could not even dream of in his working class Chicago childhood.

(Photo Credit: Inc, Huffington Post)