Occasions You Can Wear a Bow Tie Instead Of the Regular Tie


Indian men usually wear a bow tie with a tuxedo on wedding receptions. A bow tie is very quirky and differentiates your outfit. However, a regular tie is a sign of class and sophistication. When you replace your regular tie to a bow tie you give a unique change to your personality. Choosing bow tie over regular tie makes you look like a risk taker and who is confident enough to break the basics of wearing an outfit.

A bow tie has the capability to make you look smart with no efforts in a casual outfit. Here is how you can use this accessory to improve your style.

Wear it when you host a party

When you cannot decide what to wear at occasions where you host a party for your friends or family, you can make a style statement by opting to wear a bow tie over a shirt. The color of your bow tie should match the color of your jeans or bottoms. Go for a plain color shirt and complete your outfit with loafers.

Wear it for a coffee date with friends or when going out for a movie

With the casual denim and shirt wearing a bow tie can give you a snazzy look casually. The bottom line is you should go for a plain bow tie when you wear a plaid or striped shirt and wear a colorful bow tie over solid color top and bottom.

Wear it for business meetings for a dapper look

This might sound strange but you can become the trendsetter in your workplace by wearing a bow tie to a business meeting. Here you would want to stick to a solid color shirt and to keep things formal go for a contrasting solid color bow tie to complete your attire.

Wear it on your first date

Men experimenting with their outfits and looks are definitely attractive to women. Especially formal outfits on men are considered to be very appealing. So wear a crisp white shirt with blue denim and your bow tie will make all of the difference that you need to get a killer look.

Wear it for a job interview

You will surely look unique and be instantly noticed. With a sharp look in a bow tie, you can make a great first impression. You can go for a bolder bow tie if your field of work is fashion however for a corporate job interview you might want to stick with subtle bow ties. Don’t forget to finish your attire with a jacket and dress shoes.