Whether you like KFC or not, the narrative of Colonel Harland Sanders is genuinely astounding. This story is helpful in light of the fact that it’s a case of how persistence, devotion, and aspiration alongside diligent work can make you achieve great success; regardless of your age.

It wasn’t until 62 years of age that Sanders established KFC. What’s more, is that exactly it’s not even the most optimistic piece of his life. The man never truly planned to be rich. He simply needed to be known as the person who made the best chicken on the planet. What’s more, think about what, it materialized – all of what he longed for and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The spectacled Colonel Sanders could without much of a stretch be distinguished by his clean, crisp white suite, dark string tie, and strolling stick. His statue can be viewed as far away as on Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong, for one place. A standout amongst the most astonishing parts of his life is the way that when he was 65, in the wake of running an eatery for quite a while, Harland Sanders got himself poverty stricken. He resigned and got his first government managed savings check which was for one hundred and five dollars. What’s more, that was the start of his universal popularity and monetary example of overcoming adversity.

Col. Sanders was a fellow who truly wanted to share his fried chicken formula. He had a great deal of positive impact from the individuals who tasted the chicken. Now, when many others in his age were spending their lives peacefully, the Colonel selected to offer the world on his cool new chicken formula. Colonel Sanders set out way to way to houses and eateries everywhere on his neighborhood. He needed to join forces with somebody to help advance his chicken formula. He began heading out via auto to various eateries and cooked his seared chicken on the spot for eatery proprietors. On the off chance that the proprietor enjoyed the chicken, they would go into a handshake consent to offer the Colonel’s chicken. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders was turned down 1009 times, before his recipe finally tasted their palates.

In the mid 1960’s there were more than 600 diversified areas in the U.S. furthermore, Canada offering the tasty chicken. Thus, in 1964 Sanders sold the diversifying operation for $2 million. The franchise has been sold three other times since then and continues to be a well-known successful business.

Present Scenario

In 1986, it was acquired, by the famous Pepsi Co. In 2002 the KFC was acquired by Yum! Brands. In addition to KFC, the company owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants. The chain of more than 39 000 restaurants operates in more than 50 countries around the world. Yum! Brands prefer to use the strategy of co-branding. There are many varieties of foods such as fried chicken, chicken burgers (chicken sandwiches, US), wraps, French fries, soft drinks, salads, desserts, breakfast and etc.

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