Nidhi Gupta: Built A Company Worth Rs. 500 Crs. Turnover From Nothing But Scratch!


At the young age of 23, when most of us are busy wondering what to do with it while Nidhi
Gupta has been busy building an empire worth Rs. 500 crs. of turnover.

And trust us when we say this, that she has built this business with no degree, educational support or financial aid backing her up, just with her brother at her side.

Nidhi has seen it all in her 23 years of life and as an entrepreneur- the cruel hardships, unfathomable miles but yet made a successful path for herself.

Nidhi’s work is concerned in the field of the solar power business.

But she has learnt the business the hard way after losing friends and understanding the value of money.

Along with her brother, she built Rays Power Experts in 2011 with a start-up capital of Rs 1,37,000 that she took on loan.

Our first project was a 250-kilowatt solar project in Bikaner on four bighas of land. Later, we started buying land around the site.

-says Nidhi.

If a client invests in a project of, let’s say, 1 megawatt worth Rs 6 crore, he will earn his investment back in four years. We also guarantee the client earnings from electricity generation for the next 25 years. So that’s how he gets 100 percent tax benefit.

The question that arises from here is that if it is this simple why doesn’t everyone set
up their power plants and earn its benefit?

The answer is because receiving the government approval is extremely troublesome and there is a separate dedicated department Nidhi has for it.

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However, with the advent of our current Prime Minster Nidhi’s hopes are cruising great. He has set up new solar plants in Gujrat which gives a boost to the solar industry which in turn is helping Nidhi to fetch infrastructural support for her business.

But this success has come at a cost: her social life has now almost changed and compromised. Those people she was close to started feeling jealous of her and this was distinctly visible by their actions.

However, Nidhi says:

It doesn’t matter how they behave because she hasn’t changed on the inside. Although, she also says if you don’t think about the person who hurts you, the pain they give you disappears.

There was a time I used to love riding horses but I just don’t have the time anymore. That matters to me more than those petty notions.

Nidhi also admits that she has no interest in fashion or shopping or travel.

If you ask me, I honestly don’t like any of the stuff normal women do, it just doesn’t interest me.

Her paternal background is orderly middle-class: mother a housewife and father a government employee. But doesn’t matter how middle class they might be, their thoughts pertaining their children was always modern.

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They always inspired and encouraged their children to pursue their dreams. Being raised in a small town of Dungarpur, Nidhi had all the relaxation a girl child craved for. Girls in her town were not allowed to stay out after eight at night, however, Nidhi does not recall a day when she returned home before 10 pm. AAnd there was from where her motivation kicked in.

Nidhi has a job where nothing is guaranteed. But she never regretted it. She rather finds those nine to five ‘settled’ jobs tedious.

Most businesswomen are working either in their father’s or husband’s business. Everything is given to them ready-made.

Her day starts early morning and by the end of the day she works out to keep herself busy and work-loaded. Such a workaholic person she is, really!

Everything is possible. If you have passion and motivation you can do anything on this

Her business growth follows a strict regime and she intends to keep on growing
before they reach their next financial year.

In 2011-12 our turnover was Rs 2 crore, it went up to Rs 70 crore in 2013. This year
our turnover is Rs 500 crore. Our goal is to earn Rs 1,000 crore by the next financial

-she says.

As if that isn’t enough, she has also built another sister empire that employs around 300 vendors and ground-level workers.