Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff



Dandruff is one of the most common problems for both men and women. Over the years, a number of products have emerged to help fight dandruff. Some companies even offer treatments to vanish the irritating problem of dandruff. But the real question is, how to battle it in the most convenient way without spending much from your pocket. Natural remedies are the best way to combat dandruff issues. Check out the natural remedies to get rid of dandruff permanently.

Coconut Oil:

This ingredient is considered really great for dandruff. It’s anti-fungal properties helps in treating the scalp from dandruff. Massage your scalp with coconut oil at least twice a week, this will nourish your hair and scalp both eventually helping you to get rid of dandruff.

Lemon:This is another kitchen ingredient that helps to resolve the problem of dandruff. Cut a lemon into two halves and scrub them directly on your scalp. Using lemons will reduce the itchiness of scalp that is caused due to dandruff. Do this every 15 days and you’ll soon find the difference. Don’t repeat it more than twice a month as the citric acid in lemons can turn your hair white.


It can work wonder to combat dandruff, thanks to it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. You can make a paste of garlic and apply it on the affected areas. After 15-20 mins wash your scalp with your usual shampoo and get clean hair.


Neem leaves are the answer for almost all the hair problems. It can magically help you get rid of dandruff with it’s amazing anti-fungal properties. Make a paste of neem leaves, don’t make it too watery and apply it on your scalp, you can even add basil leaves while making this paste. Apply this paste, let it dry and after 30 mins, wash it with a herbal shampoo. For best results apply it thoroughly and even on the tips of your hair.

Aloe Vera: 

This plant is absolutely great because of it’s healing properties. It’s one of the best home remedies to help solve hair issues. You can simply pluck of the leaves, cut and extract the gel. Apply this gel on your scalp and your hair, let it dry and then wash off with your regular shampoo. You’ll feel your scalp to be less sticky and hair softer.