Natural Remedies For Different Types Of Scars



Scars can happen to anyone, at any time. Nobody likes showing off the scars. They come in all shapes and sizes and usually reminds us of the incident we wish to wipe off from our life. Before searching for remedies to get rid of the scars, it is very important to identity what kind of a scar is it and then accordingly work on it. One can have acne scars, stretchmarks, burnt scars or even accident scars and they all need to be treated varied. To get rid of scars, most people rely on medical treatments like scar cream or so. But how effective and pocket-friendly are these creams? Well if you to want to get rid of scars and cannot afford to spend a lot on those scar creams then here are a few natural remedies you can try on scars.

Lemon For Old Scar:

Image result for lemonLemons are extremely effective in lightening the scars. It is a natural bleach which helps in reducing the darkness of the scars. The essential acids and vitamins in it helps in removing dead skin cells and growing new cells. Cut lemon into two halves, clean the area around your scars and then rub lemon on it. Let it be there for 10 mins and later wash it off. Using lemon on your skin may make it sensitive, make sure you don’t go out in sun without applying sunscreen on the affected area.

Aloe Vera For Burnt And Healing Scar:

Image result for aloe veraIf your wound hasn’t dried, use Aloe Vera. It can be used in any form, be it gel, lotion or cream. Preferably use the natural form of aloe vera, it will work better since it won’t contain anything harmful in it. It is anti-inflammatory so it helps reduce skin irritations and dead skin from the wounds. If you have got a burnt scar which is in the healing process, then rely on aloe vera, it will definitely help in repair and relaxing your skin.

Cocoa Butter For Stretchmarks:

Image result for cocoa butterNot everyone’s spared by stretchmarks! It worries most mothers because pregnancy leaves a woman with those ugly stretchmarks. For these kid of scars, cocoa butter works wonders. For better healing effects, apply cocoa butter on the scars daily. You can even use a moisturizer which has cocoa butter in it’s contents. As it gets absorbed in the skin, there’s no need of washing it.

Use these amazing ways and get rid of the scars naturally without any side affects