Nail Your Layering Game with These Amazing Tips


Layering is a basic trend but high street at the same time. Layering works wonder to use all the clothes in your closet and create a new look every time. Layering is not bound to specific seasons.

Here are ways you can nail your layering game.

Try playing with mesh

Mesh has popularized this season. Mesh bodysuit or top is actually a great layering piece. Mesh bodysuit under a not so revealing top will build you a decent but sexy outfit.

The popular denim jackets

Every body starts the basic layering with a denim jacket. Bung it over t-shirt, jeans or dress it will go with all! It casually updates the outfit for a more chic look. With a well-fitted dress wear a relaxed denim jacket. Or a more relaxed maxi dress with structured denim jacket whatever balances the look.

Try a long scarf

Why think complex when just a simple long scarf can add up to your look. Go for a scarf with a color that is in contrast to the pieces that you are wearing for a basic yet elegant look.

Put on a slip over

To slay the summer layer game wear a slip top over a t-shirt. Or wear a plain tee under a slip dress.

Opt for a trench coat

This looks work in any season. However, for a summer outfit, you can go for a sleeveless trench coat paired with a tucked top in high waisted pants.

Flaunt the bralette

We have all seen celebrities flaunt their bralettes. This is a very trendy look. Wear a sheer top over a pretty bralette and top the look with a denim jacket.

Shrug might be your savior

To play things safe you might want to wear a shrug over a sleeveless dress or top. Make sure you buy a shrug with a neutral color so that it can be teamed up with anything.

Tie a shirt

It is a cool look to just tie a shirt around your waist. It’s an appealing mess and you can use this trick when you wear a crop top.