Multi Grain Or Brown – Which Is The Right Bread For You?


Bread is one of the most preferred food options in the world. People earlier used to consume it as a side dish or reserved it only for breakfasts. It is now that bread as emerged as a wholesome meal. This is mainly due to the various types and variants it is available in. The most widely consumed are the white bread, brown bread and multigrain bread.

When we talk about Multigrain bread, it contains various types of grains and seeds. However, this does not mean that all multigrain breads are rich in nutrients.

Multigrain bread is rich in nutrients if the flour is milled from grains that are indeed 100 percent whole grain or 100 percent whole wheat, and the bread is not made from white or enriched white flour.

Adding sunflower seeds, raw flax seeds, rolled oats and barley gives the bread texture and some health benefits.

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Whereas in brown bread’s colour does not necessarily mean the bread is made of whole wheat or whole grains. Brown bread is white bread with added colouring. Brown bread is a popular choice for traditional kaya toast. It is necessary for you to check the ingredients and the nutritional value of the bread before you purchase it.

Therefore keeping this in mind, multigrain bread has more fibres, bran and other nutritional ingredients which are altogether absent in other breads, and hence can be healthier.