Most important things to look for when booking a hotel


Getting to stay at a good place is the best way to make your vacation remember able. A study says that what actually matters for travelers is the hotel where you are going to stay at. It is quite surprising to know that what actually matters to the travelers while finding a room is not the breakfast or the fast Wi-Fi network; it’s about the friendly and clean environment. Therefore these days Hotel’s are keeping the environment clean and tidy, maintaining the customer’s comfort in mind.

Here are the things which travelers check while booking a hotel room:

Good value for Money

Obviously, why would anyone pay more for a hotel room? The fact that good value for money is just an important thing to keep in mind is because why would anyone pay for a room which doesn’t even look worth living in and spending too much on it. Hotels which are expensive does not all the time give good experience; sometimes cheap hotels provide better facilities than the famous luxurious hotels.

The best thing to do before booking the room is to read the review section. They would definitely share their experiences with hotel and whether it’s worth staying or not.

Good Location

For some people, Location is the foremost thing to look for. Visiting a place with the view from the window is the best thing you can experience while getting a vacation. Be sure to read the reviews and also be careful before making bookings if there are no customer reviews.

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Comfortable Bed

This is one of the important things to look for before getting a hotel room for you. Nothing can underestimate a large and a comfortable bed which would give you a happy and comfortable stay. In fact not just the bed, but also the pillows and the blankets can make a vast difference.

Friendly Hotel Staff

One of the most important needs for a traveler is that he gets a friendly staff to deal with. This makes a person feel greeted and part of the group, and who doesn’t want that.


Cleanliness is the biggest criteria of a person looking for a stay at a hotel. The room should be clean and hygienic. Stains here and there or untidy bed sheet or not a well kept furniture, all of these are a total turnoff for a person searching for stays.