Most astonishing underwater hotels on Earth


How fascinating is the idea of going to an underwater hotel. How adventurous it feels, having surrounded with water and a huge number of sea giants. Check out a few astonishing underwater hotels on the planet earth.

  1. Subsix at PER AQUUM Niyama: MALDIVES

This is situated about 20 feet underneath the Indian Ocean and it is only accessible through a boat. Subsix is the first underwater club and therefore has all the bragging rights. It provides a beautiful night view of the ocean, from the ceiling to the floor lining the bar walls.

2. Manta Resort, Pemba Island: TENZANIA

Manta resort came into existence in 2013. This had a three level hotel room submerged 4 meters below the sea. It also provides Astral stargazing from its Roof top. This resort is situated off the Coast of Zanzibar.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Rangali Island: Maldives

This is the world’s first underwater restaurant situated 16 feet underneath the sea level, which is made with all-glass. This restaurant serves caviar and Maldivian lobster. There are a few dishes one can enjoy taking the 180 degree view of the water above.

4. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel: FLORIDA

This hotel is totally submerged 28 feet below the water and is made to attract coral growth. It has also received the patent and trademark approval for construction.

5. The Palm, Atlantis: DUBAI

At The Palm, the Floor-to-ceiling is situated under the water. The Aquarium of the Ambassador Lagoon is full of 65,000 marine inhabitants.

6. Utter Inn: SWEDEN

This hotel offers a single room in the under waters. It just provides twin beds and a table for its guests. Utter Inn floats in Swedish lake near Stockholm.

7. Outlaw’s at Al Mahara, Jumeirah: DUBAI

Al Mahara has the floor to ceiling aquarium inside. It gives the exact underwater experience while in the dinning which is luxurious.

8. Atrium Bar at Radison Blu: BERLIN

This bar is located below the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium. This place offers drinks and small treats and also provides the clienteles view of AquaDom’s 2, 64,172 Gallons of water with 1500 fishes in it.

9. Sea at Anantara Kihavah Villas: MALDIVES

Heading towards the aptly named resort “SEA”at Anantara Kihvah Villas, It has a Glass interior which provides the view of the life inside the Indian Ocean.