Your Money Guide to Live A Rich Life


Money expert Nicole Lapin wants to take out the mystery out of finance. In her book, Rich Bitch, she shares her personal anecdotes and instances about how she effortlessly got rid of a $5000 credit-card balance. In this book, she tries to empower women to take their financial affairs in their own hands.

The word ‘bitch’ in the book should not be taken as a bad word. She asks to consider the word as a woman who is standing up for herself at the same time the term Rich implies a fulfilling life. Nicole Lapin is a former CNBC and CNN news anchor. She is known as ‘money guru for the millennials’. She reported at the forefront at the Great Recession.

Lapin emphasizes in her book how one should take things into their own hand for their dreams. She states that women don’t need men, schooling or even to be born being silver spoon fed. But all one needs is a 12 step plan to live the life they always wanted to live financially.

Here are the six tips from her book.

Buy that coffee from a barista

She simply describes how cutting down on your daily coffee won’t really help with the bigger picture. You think you save money by not getting yourself a coffee that you very much need to lead the rest of your day. But according to Lapin, coffee is something you need and treat yourself with. It is better to treat yourself today and invest in yourself rather than saving up that money for the coffee.

If the coffee helps you step up at work, motivates you and gives you the energy to work harder, it can land you to a raise that will be higher than anything that you save from avoiding having a sip of your latte.

Ask for a raise and get it

Lapin suggests that you find out what people with the similar experience as yours earn in the industry by going on websites like and conclude your raise. Gather the best proofs to display your great performance along with your contribution for the good of the company. Time it with an exceptional performance review or when a client praises you.

Write your goals to have a better chance of achieving them

Studies show that women who can create a narrative for themselves and embrace it in their minds are more capable of achieving their goals. You can put down three lists one for family, one for finances and one more for fun. Narrow down your goals for the current year, the near future which is three to five years and further for seven to ten years.

This is how you build your own story and speak your goals aloud. You are able to focus easily with the help of this activity.

Negotiating bills and purchases and finding extra money by employing your social networks

Lapin is fond of negotiating. She feels it is empowering when you think that everything is negotiable and it is fun to see how much off you can get because eventually, it is your money.

The new ‘LBD’

No, it’s not the little black dress that you thought of it is actually ‘little budget diary’. You cannot avoid little luxuries in life but also remember to track them. Keep track of every small expenditure in your day.

You clearly are able to see where your money goes by jotting it down in a notepad or diary. Lapin uses CASH smartwatch which is a device wearable that she invented to keep a tab on everything from steps, snacks and monitoring sleep just like any other gadget.

Getting rid of the credit card balance

Lapin gave herself two years to pay off $5000 that she owed by sticking notes on top of her computer screen. She paid off $208 each month by setting a monthly automatic payment from her checking account. She admits that she never saw the money so she didn’t really miss it. Lapin says that the hard knocks in life are the best schooling one can get about finances.

Lapin wishes to impress on women that they can take charge of their money to be able to fulfill their dreams at the same time achieve financial security. She thinks it is okay to celebrate the small wins to keep oneself motivated. According to her, one should cherish the moment and never forget the struggle.