Men’s guide to Testosterone


The foremost question is what exactly is testosterone? So testosterone is endocrinology MVP and without this, the entire hormonal system is screwed up. It is not only about fertility, but is also important for making bones strong and thick, for well being, libido, and for gaining energy.

The fact is men start losing testosterone slowly with age. This is the truth of life, men come across problems and there are fewer chances of improvement when the age increases. The older you are the chances of improvement decreases.

This is How Testosterone Effects Men

Health Giver

It becomes really difficult when it comes to figuring out the causes and the effects of low testosterone. There’s a relation between hormones and the neurotransmitters on which the mood and sense of well-being depend, therefore it difficult to know whether the cause of low testosterone is diabetes or diabetes is the result of low testosterone. Similarly, people who have hormonal problems suffer from depression and depressed people suffer from hormonal issues.

Sex Driver

There’s a single muscle which depends on testosterone than any other and that’s the important one. The penis is the puppet of their hormones, as it’s a fact that a low testosterone count would definitely lead you to erectile dysfunction.

Many symptoms associated with low testosterone might be because of depression or diabetes, but erectile dysfunction and the loss of morning erection indicates that the reason is testosterone.

Body Building

The testosterone is the main cause of fitness and strength. But don’t be a fool by considering more testosterone is a good thing. Many bodybuilders who had more T supplements have deflated their testicles, leaving them at best struggling to produce enough of hormones naturally, at worst infertile and with a host of health issues. Therefore do not try and manipulate as testosterone is an essential thing for the body.

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How can a person know he has low Testosterone?

Erectile dysfunction is a sign but struggling to maintain that erection is also a sign. Other signs can be depression or any other kind of illness. Some of the very common functions other than these are Loss of morning erections, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction; you might lose muscle strength and physical strength. One also might feel depressed or start gaining weight. When this problem worsens one might face problems in growing beard, could even lose hair or get hot flushes. Talking about this frankly to the doctor is the first and foremost thing to do for a person. Most men try and avoid this as they are afraid of embarrassment. And even the doctors might misinterpret by saying it’s the cause of depression and tensions.