Men’s Guide to Picking The Right Deodorant


The way you smell or the fragrance when you pass by says a lot about you. Maybe this is the only reason why all of us think so much before choosing a deodorant. When you think about choosing a deodorant, you consider your mood, your personality and what you really want. A perfect deodorant will help you pass the day without being concerned about your body odor or being embarrassed by your sweaty armpits. So, how to pick the right deodorant from the endless varieties of deodorants available?

There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration before selecting a deodorant. There are different forms of deodorant such as the traditional spray, cream or spray, and gel. Understand the application form that you wish to go for. The more the product you apply to your skin the more effective it is on bacteria and odors. This is because you apply the formula at the source. Women can easily opt for roll-ons. However, for men, consider if you have underarm hair or not. If you have, hair can get stuck on it. So for those who have hair, go for gel or cream.
There is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. If you feel that just the deodorant can help you keep your sweat away then you are wrong. Deodorant helps in eliminating bacteria from sweat to reduce odor. While, antiperspirant decreases sweat through the sweat glands, to keep it away from your skin.

Consider these points before choosing a deodorant or antiperspirant.

Skin type

Identify the type of skin you have, such as sensitive or non sensitive. Keep in mind if you have any other skin conditions. It is best to go for an aluminum free one if you have sensitive skin or some skin condition.

Hours to keep you cover


If you require a 24-hour protection from sweat and odor, you should go for a time-release formula. Such deodorants and antiperspirant will help in small amounts over time.

Scent or unscented

Sometimes unscented ones can react to your body and produce a smell that is not appealing. On the other hand, most of the strongly scented ones do not work for everyone. You need to find something that is in between the two. Find something and experiment to learn better about scents.

So, men have to actually decide what will work best for their pores. Then once you have chosen the application method, you are good to experiment with the scent.