Men Should Keep These Things in Mind While Asking Her Out to Get a Sure Yes


If you have been single for a long time don’t lose hope yet because there is still good chance you could get a date. Maybe it is you or all of us have that one friend who is a drop dead hopeless in love. Well, this can either help you help them or be helpful for yourself mate!

Here are ways to ask her out for a date and almost sure shot get a yes in response. There are no pickup lines. Just get your creative elements together and read on.

If you are unsure if she is interested yet, then just don’t ask her out

You will always have to be clear about her response when she talks with you. When a girl says yes there’s surely some interest from her side but a no is a definite no.  To be sure check how often she replies to your texts if she is the one who initiates the chats or you, or the kind of topics you both discuss and what kind of things she shares with you. You will surely understand if she is really interested if she shares the littlest things with you. If you are absolutely sure just ask her out.

There’s nothing like a ‘Perfect Moment’

You have been telling your friends how you like this girl and think maybe she is interested in you but when they say why not ask her out you just dismiss them by saying I am waiting for the right moment. Really?

It is a stupid mistake and by the time you wait you might lose her to some other guy. The perfect time is now.

Make eye contact

Okay, you cannot really hypnotize her with your stare but gently look into her eyes while you two talk shows that you are serious about her and the conversation seems a lot sexier. You seem more confident even if you are not.

Prep for it

Ever prepared for a job interview? Consider this in the same manner. Be groomed, well dressed and know what you are going to say.

Don’t try to hide in your jokes

Some men have a really good sense of humor and kind of works well to impress women. But at some point, you have to be serious. You cant make a joke about every god damn thing and make her feel uncomfortable or the worst irritate her. Women are also attracted to attentive men who don’t seek attention by cracking jokes.

Not all girls are the same

Know what your crush likes and dislikes. Something that worked out for your friend to win his crush won’t necessarily works for you. Understand what appeals her.

A brownie point

So it is not a rocket science and if you keep the above pointers in mind you should be good to go. Never presume her response, however, be positive. Be clear when you ask her out and don’t use words like ‘date’ and ‘hang out’. Don’t just lead her on and then become annoyingly pricey.