How Men Can Easily Cure and Get Rid Of the Trouble of Blackheads


Men usually are confused between blackheads and acne. Basically, blackheads can be considered as the first stage of acne however not exactly. It occurs when your skin pores are clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil known as sebum which is created by the sebaceous glands that help skin remain supple.

The hot spot for blackheads to appear on the nose because of it the oiliest area of your face. Nose blackheads can be irritating however are not unflattering such as other types of men’s acne like white heads.

Here is how you can easily cure and get rid of the blackhead problem.

Get a facial!

Yep, it is not just a woman thing now! With facials, your skin receives deep cleaning and helps in getting rid of blackheads. If you have the problem of blackheads you should get facials regularly at the salon.

Use men’s face wash with salicylic acid

When you wash your face with soap it generally dries your skin and causes blackheads to appear on the nose. Use face wash to wash your face with salicylic acid to control oil in your skin and obviously blackheads.

Avoid high humid weather conditions and heavy sweating

You should know by now that direct contact of your skin with the sun will be damaging. Heat usually opens your pores up which leads to the oily skin causing blackheads.

Try some home remedies

Egg whites

Egg whites can give your skin temporary tightening preventing any future blackheads while curing the current ones. They don’t dry your skin favoring your skin with rich nutrients, unlike other home remedies.

Bentonite clay

It is basically mineral rich with healing substance that eliminates all the oil and dirt from your skin pores. You should preferably put on the clay mask.

Honey and milk

A mixture of honey and milk can be applied with the help of cotton strips as they act like an adhesive. Honey has antibacterial properties and milk has lactic acid which will help keep your skin soft and supple.

Baking soda and water paste

Baking soda should be used accurately but not excessively on blackheads. It prevents blackheads by exfoliation through its small granules and eliminates anything that clogs your pores.

(Photo Credit: khabaruttarakhand, easyday, unconventionalremedies)