Meet Deepa Muthukumarasamy: India’s First Mom-Preneur!


Malnutrition has been an age old topic of concern. According to UNICEF, India has 62 million children dying due to lack of good nutrition and care.

When Deepa Muthukumarasamy saw her friends and relatives opting ready-made foods for their young children instead of making some themselves, it concerned her.

She compared the same to a food which has have a mother’s personal touch.

The 37-year-old woman herself often made health mixes using organic ingredients for her son.

Once my neighbour tried giving it to her baby and came back to me asking for ‘some more’. She asked me whether I could do a fresh batch for her every month. Having tried the sample, couple of her friends also came back requesting for the same and they were ready to pay me. That was a Eureka moment.

And thus she became India’s first mom-preneur by finding Some More Foods.

On academic grounds Deepa is a Master in Foods and Nutrition and always wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial career in the food industry.

But the road was not all smooth for her. Given that she is an Indian woman and that too married… she had to face some conventional rough patches.

I come from a conservative family which does not encourage women to be independent, let alone become an entrepreneur. It was a huge challenge to emerge as one, under these circumstances. To top it off, my husband and my father have their own family businesses which are in no way connected to food industry.

Some More Foods follows the organic process to produce its foods.

It uses traditional processing methods including sundrying, roasting and pulverising.

The brand aims to increase the accessibility of natural micronutrients and decrease the content of antinutrients in foods.

The company has recently generated revenues of INR 1.6 million this year and hopes to reach a milestone of INR 20 million in the next five years. The company’s future objectives include  launching of new products and  going pan India by appointing new distributors alongwith making a strong online presence.

The bootstrapped brand, is also looking to raise funds and come up with products for sensitive groups like infants, pregnant women etc.