Most Meanigful Quotes By Various Indian Public Figures In The Field Of Business That Every Entrepreneur Must Realize!


Quotes are those meaningful phrases that make our life easier and help us to understamd the various details of it.

Today, we bring you most meanigful quotes by various Indian Public Figures in the field of business that you must realize as an entrepreneur:

1. Regarding Development

It’s 2017, and it’s crazy that we are still dealing with power cuts, sometimes for several hours a day!

– Roli Gupta, Oorjan Cleantech

2. Regarding Urbanization

The challenge for India is to do innovative, compact and sustainable urbanisation.

– Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog

3. Regarding Database Management

Data is the oxygen of the digital economy and one cannot deny Indians of this vital, life-sustaining resource.

– Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries

4. Regarding AI

One of the key aspects of a cognitive business is enhancing your overall digital intelligence and working in partnership with human experts to do your work better.

– Seema Kumar, IBM

5. Regarding Sales Management

Selling products is the heart of any business, while a good POS system is its soul.

– Akash Nangia, Techjockey

6. Regarding Publishing Business and Print Industry

Don’t make sales your only benchmark in terms of looking at your progress. Be patient and continue writing to satisfy yourself.

– Ashwin Sanghi, Author

7. Regarding Gaps In Indian Industry Infrastructure

India has the capabilities in manufacturing, it needs the right investment and support.

– MS Rao, IIT Madras

We don’t have enough children’s books in Indian languages. The power of quality literature has not been realised.

– Swaha Sahoo, Tata Trusts

9. Regarding Employment of Young Candidates In IT and Mobility Industry

It is extremely important that young people are part of a mobile app startup, to understand and empathise with the user.

– Amey Mashelkar, Reliance GenNext Hub

10. Regarding Innovation

We have to give every startup an ear because innovation is such a broad spectrum.

– Sanket Atal, Oracle Corporation

11. Regarding India’s Tech Expansion

India’s time has come to make a world showcase for technology.

 Sunil Bharti Mittal, Bharti AirTel

12. Regarding Tourism & Hospitality Industry

In 2016, tourism’s contribution to Indian GDP was 9.6 percent, and 9.3 percent to total employment.

– Ram Nath Kovind, President, India