Mark Zuckerberg’s book recommendations for every entrepreneur


Every entrepreneur needs inspiration and they seek it from outside. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also needs some and he finds his in books. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires around the world. He has been a compulsive reader despite his daily schedule.

After creating the world connecting network Zuckerberg found a Facebook based book club in 2015, which had a reading list that absorbs different cultures, beliefs and technologies as well as history.

According to Zuckerberg, books explore a topic widely and one can plunge into something deeper with it than any media present. He wants to shift his media consumption towards reading books.

Zuckerberg proactively promotes many authors for their individual styles and genres. So here are few books that he has confidence in and most values.

World Order, Book by Henry Kissinger

The book is about foreign relations and how to establish peaceful bonds across the world. Accoridng to Zuckerberg it is an important topic to create a healthy world for our children and that is exactly what he has on mind presently. He says that the book is filled with knowledge about the numerous power structures of the world as well as solutions to deal with erosion of it to save the world from having another man made disasters.

The Muqaddimah, Book by Ibn Khaldun

This book is considered to be the heritage book of history. The author and the Islamic historian Ibn Khaldun obtained and presented certain series of progressive concepts to both the scientific progress and human evolution. Thus he earned a recoginition as one among the many fathers of modern sociology and historiography. Zuckerberg finds the book interesting as it is a source of historical innovation.

Creativity Inc., Book by Ed Catmull

Zuckerberg loves this book as it documents the great creation of Pixar company. The book fosters creativity. The book is an account for Catmull’s struggles, risks that failed and numerous pitfalls before finally gaining the ultimate success. Zukerberg is part of a parallel journey with Facebook and thus seem to agree immensely with Catmull.

Why Nations Fail, Book by Daron Acemoğlu and James Robinson

The book examines the diverse social institutions. Also, explores the incentives of nations applied to bring prosperity and economic development eliminating poverty. This book has disntictive solutions and which is why it features on his list. Also, due to the fact that Zuckerberg is purposefully based in Silicon Valley, a major and significant contributor of the American economy.

Portfolios of the poor, Book by Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, and Orlanda Ruthven

Zuckerberg astonishingly states that it is mind blowing how almost half of the world survive on $2.50 a day or less. And how above one billion individuals endure on $1 a day or less. He hopes that people will find some insights into the methods of how everyone can work on supporting them better. He wishes to help the poverty stricken people on a large scale.