Live Up To Your Potentials with These Actionable Life Changes


Sometimes you feel that you are being too lazy in life. It could be at work, at home or with people. You feel like you should be meeting with your family and friends often but you don’t. Do productive things when you have free time, but you don’t. You are constantly wondering if you are progressing quickly enough with life. And then there are times you think should I relax more.

These happen when you think you are not living up to your full potentials. Here are some changes to bring in your life and facts why they are effective.

Spend at least 15 minutes daily meditating

Meditation helps you enhance your ability to focus. Beyond concentration it also helps in focusing on one task, being able to give it your optimal. Whenever you find your mind wandering off you can bring it back to focus on the task at hand.

Giuseppe Pagnoni, Ph.D., found out through an experiment that the people who meditate have more stability in the ventral posteromedial cortex in comparison to nonmeditators. Ventral posteromedial cortex is the brain’s part which is responsible for spontaneous thoughts. Thus it means that the meditators can easily prevent their minds from distracting.

Maintain a gratitude journal

The most basic reasons why we are frustrated that we do not live up to our potentials is because we do not track our progress. To overcome this start maintaining a journal and each day write down the things you are grateful for and briefly explain why you are grateful for it.

This activity keeps your motivation high at the same time you have a record of the great things you have in life which you can look back at whenever you feel low. Studies prove that gratitude helps you feel better emotionally, improves self-esteem, practice good relationships and improve overall wellbeing.

Have a morning exercise routine

Exercising even for three times a week can bring significant changes in your life. Exercising at the end of a day is good for unwinding. But that time of the day could cover your other extracurricular activities as well as social events.

When you exercise in the early morning, you get extra time for your day and feel energetic for the rest of the day. It is suggested by doctors that morning exercise routine can help in enhancing energy levels and provides with sharpness.

Live a slower life

Most of us live in the future. We live in what we want to become and what we want to establish. This clutters your everyday life as you want to reach your goals and fulfill your vision quickly. You work rigorously and stress yourself when you haven’t accomplished things in a day that you expected to complete.

The best way to overcome this is by setting everyday goals. Before going to bed, write down the list of things you want to do the next day. You are able to focus on only those particular tasks which become easily attainable.

Working towards a big goal without smaller goals will make you confused and find yourself all over the place in order to achieve what you want. With this activity, you will know you are progressing and getting close to what you want each day.