What Your Lipstick Shade Tells About you



You might be wondering what can your lipstick shade probably define about you… But, surprisingly your favorite lip shade defines your personality much significantly. Here’s what your lip shade defines about your personality.

Pink Lips:Image result for hot pink lips

Wearing a lipstick symbolizes energy and fun. If you’re a mischievous fun loving person, you can definitely opt for a hot pink shade. Women who go for this lip shade are often considered to be playful and the shade definitely matches their energy level which hints their fun side in a subtle way.

Unique Plum Lips:

Image result for plum lips


It is very tough to wear this lipstick ass this color is too bold and stands out in the crowd. If you love wearing this color on your lips it defines that you definitely don’t shy away from the spotlight. Women who wear this shade are considered having a sexy sense of confidence and won’t back down from a challenge. Plum-colored lips also indicate a unique sense of style, as women rocking this hue don’t mind being set apart from the crowd.

 The Passionate Red Lips:

Image result for red lips

Red lipstick looks absolutely hot and sexy on any woman. It is a fact that fans of red lipstick definitely don’t mind being the center of attention. The bold color makes a woman look confident, self-assured and don’t really mind having all the eye balls on them. It also signifies passion and being vocal about their opinions.

Chapstick Girls:

Image result for chapsticks women

Women who love sporting natural lips are meant to be taken seriously. We tend to believe that these girls like simplicity and hence they don’t opt for a lipstick but girl, these women are no-nonsense and practical enough.

Friendly Gloss:

Image result for glossy lips

It signifies that the woman is fun loving but down to earth. Glossed lips indicate that their wearer is fun-loving but down-to-earth. Women who opt for a little shine over color love that little gloss on their lips which makes them feel hydrated and love that comfort.

Warm And Caring Nude Lips:

Image result for nude lips

The color looks absolutely classy and simple at the same time, it’s very close to your skin color and hence it defines the wearer’s personality as shy inside and extremely warm and caring when they open up. These women should be taken seriously because they deserve to be!