LinkedIn Has Come Up With Its Salary Feature In India


LinkedIn, an US based profesional networking platform has launched Salary in India that provides the users detailed salary trends for various professions.


As all know that the negotiations lack the transparency, the bew feature that would help the job seekers make informed decisions about the best possible compensation for the job.

This will surely help them to find the job which pays them proper remuneration.

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The LinkedIn Salary feature will also provide the insights on the best playing locations, the top paying companied, the salaries based on the educational qualifications and the industries regarding the particular job title.


For accessing this feature, the members with free accounts must share their salary data with the premium members those can access this data without submitting their salary details.

To access this feature, members with free accounts will have to share their salary data, while premium members can access this data without submitting their salary details.

The Head of Product at LinkedIn India, Ajay Dutta said,  “In India’s competitive jobs market, LinkedIn Salary will help create salary transparency and empower our members with reliable data on what companies are paying today, what kind of compensation packages to expect, and how salaries vary as per industries and educational qualifications, ”.

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