Life Lessons You Should Learn Before You Turn 30


Many of us wish we had learned so many lessons while we were young to be able to apply them in our lives and be mindful. We find knowledge long after we needed it. However, others can often learn from our experiences and we learn from others.

Here are few life lessons you should learn before turning 30.

Money is not a solution to everything.

Money is, however, a tool that can buy you necessity as well as the things you ‘want’ in life. The fact is there are many people who are living content and full with little, at the same time there are most who have everything yet living a miserable life.

Money can replace, repair and mend materialistic things; can buy you and get you all of those but cannot fix a broken relationship or cure loneliness. The happiness it brings is not real but fleeting.

Plan it all.

Most of us believe that we need to accomplish everything at once. However, we need to make few decisions, plan things out accordingly and then begin our journey of experiencing the different milestones. Find success, love and figure out your true purpose. Never rush yourself into anything. Allow your life to unveil. Enjoy the present moment and make a plan for the actions you want to take tomorrow.

You cannot please everyone.

It is not possible for you to please everyone to like you or agree with you. We all feel the need to belong, to be liked and valued by everyone but it cannot happen unless you lose your integrity or happiness. Stay true to your values, speak up and stick to your own views and opinions.

Health is the most valuable asset.

Health is a priceless possession and we should always be careful and protect it. When we are young we take good health for granted. However, there are many preventable diseases that can disrupt our health. Thus, always remember to take care of your health.

You will not always get what you want.

Even with the best planning, accurate decisions, and hard work most of the times you will not receive what you expected. Failures are more often experienced than success and thus you will have to try many and new things before finally finding out your true path.

Know what goes around you

You need to start thinking through other people’s perspective. You need to consider how your decisions will affect other people’s life.

It is okay if you ‘don’t know’.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of not knowing certain things. There is not a single person who knows everything and has all figured out. It is rather stupid to pretend you are perfect and are a know it all. Humans are bound to make mistakes, but that’s just how we learn.

Love is more of a choice than a feeling.

All the infatuation you feel in the young days of your life will not last long. However, one cannot deny that there isn’t love that lasts long. At the same time, it is a feeling that you choose to feel every day. Everything is in our control, feeling angry, regretting, to forgive someone, to respect someone, to support and have faith. Relationships take efforts, some find it easy others extremely difficult. But it is up to us to chose how we want to think, act and speak with people and in relationships.

It is all in a perspective.

Sometimes, when certain things happen, usually loss or failure we take it as something big and significant however in the bigger picture it might just be a little-dodged bullet. Most of the things that matter to us today will not matter to us in the future. Unless something is life threatening, have a perspective that you forget the situation and move on.

Never take things for granted.

There are so many occasions where we don’t or forget to appreciate the things that we have until it is gone. This includes health, family, and friends, money etc. When we are young we think our parents will be there, however they won’t. You think your friends will be there and you have plenty of time to get back in touch with them but you don’t. Nothing in life comes with a guarantee.

Appreciate everything you have today because life can change in an instant.