Life Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan


His story is an inspirational one which even entrepreneurs can take notes from to become successful in life. Amitabh Bachchan, the big B of Bollywood is known for being determined and ambitious. He sets an example for others of how a someone can grow to generate a brand name for himself.

While other actors in his age live a quiet and obsolete life, Big B still rocks the big and small screens with complete hits. From Zanjeer, his first iconic movie, to Kaun Banega Crorepati his hit television game show, his career has reached the highest point. The megastar began with a fair share of struggles and the world has witnessed his career’s lowest points. But all of it is a part and have contributed to what he is today.

Bollywood’s Big B has been awarded the “Padma Shri” in 1984, “Padma Bhushan” in 2001and “Padma Vibhushan” in 2015 for his supreme contribution to the Indian film industry. Since it was his birthday on the 11th of October we try to learn some quintessential lessons to learn from Mr. Bachchan’s life that every entrepreneur should learn.

His passion and persistence

His life never began with great opportunities. He struggled with rejections from various movie makers and producers when he decided to join the industry. He was even rejected by the All India Radio 40 years ago as they considered his baritone voice not suitable for radio broadcast. Now the nation goes crazy over his deep voice.

After entering the film industry he delivered 13 back to back flops. But with his undaunted spirits and vibrant acting skills, he won everyone’s heart in the 14th film Zanjeer. He never looked back since.

Every entrepreneur should have the same spirits up to face the consistent failures in business. We are most likely to be exhausted from trying but don’t lose your focus. This is where you need to learn to become resilient just like Big B to chase back your dreams with refreshed enthusiasm.

His discipline

Bachchan is a devoted person to orderly schedules and punctuality that he follows professionally and in personal life. It is a habit he learned from his father. He did not give up on his habits even in his advanced ages. The actor is always on time for his interviews and shows his disciplinary trait.

This is a quality that helps every individual to grow and achieve everything they embark on. Entrepreneurs should adopt the habit to be more productive and focused on their endeavor.

His determination

His superstar life may seem alluring but it is a difficult one to handle. Bachchan has encountered many controversies, life-threatening injuries and financial collapse in his life.

The widely known incidence of him getting injured during the shoot of his movie “Coolie” and him being severely injured was grieved upon many. He was hospitalized for a long time as he was affected by the deadly disease of Hepatitis B virus as he was infused with the blood from 200 donors. Bachchan shared in an event on the World Hepatitis Day that 60 bottles of blood were injected into his system. However, the actor recovered and joined the cinemas back.

For a brief period in mid-2000, Bachchan was out of work after his company AB productions disintegrated. Tax personnel was hounding him for unpaid income taxes. And he fought many legal battles in this phase however he never lost hope. At the age of 57, when others think of retirement Bachchan went on to look for work.

There is just so much to learn from him, right? Your business must have taken off very well but maintaining that stability may call a lot of challenges. Running out of money, low demands for your product or services as well as competition may bring you down. However, if your spirits are high and hope too you will achieve what you wish for.

His humility

He is well known globally for being grounded. Even in his career’s zenith the superstar never forgets his roots. The pride of success doesn’t touch his humility. He is modest towards his peers and treats people with respect no matter who that person is. And out of deep respect for his balanced temperament, he is called the “Shahenshah of Bollywood”.

Every entrepreneur should learn to be down to earth and patient. These are qualities expected of a leader to win the hearts of his team members and earn respect.


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