How to Let Go and Move On


It is never easy to let go and move on. You feel sad when things come to an end but when a door closes another opens. When you suffer from loss and rejection the possibility is, that there is a new opportunity waiting for you.

This can be in matters of relationship, job, failure, change of residence etc. The fear may pull you down as well as the anxiety of what awaits. However, once you have decided that you want to take the necessary steps to move on then you can make it happen.

Here are the tips to let go and move on.

Be thankful for whatever happened

When something has come to an end we are so involved in dwelling on the fact that it is over but we should be thankful that it happened. Be thankful for every kind of experience.

Change the way you perceive things

The events happen but we give them the tag of being good or bad. It is the way we perceive things. Something that happened was not in your control and had to happen. The events were necessary to occur like the other things. But life goes on.

Imagine the benefits

Just picture in your mind how your life would be once you move on. You will be able to start over fresh and push your stagnant life. You will become happy.

Cut all ties

Things that remind you of a loss or bad moment you have to get rid of it. It could be social media, contacts or memory pieces. Sometimes we need to ditch contact with a few people so that we are not reminded of the event that we need to let go of.

Give yourself sometime

Take a mini vacation, go to a new place. The new surrounding will enhance the process of letting go. Hanging around the constant reminders can hinder the process. Meet new people, experience things freshly.

Keep yourself busy

The best way is to take action. Do something to get rid of thoughts that haunt you. Involve in your hobby. Try something new. Do something that gives you absolute pleasure and joy.

Start planning the future

When mapping out the future, you feel hopeful. You see the chances of being happy again. You find greater opportunities. You get a sense of direction.

Things are not in your control

You cannot control or change things, but only play with things you know are in your full control. Being frustrated about things that cannot be changed cannot make a difference in your life. The things are going to remain the same way you just have to change the way you see everything.



And forget. It is about doing a favor to you and forgiving someone to be kind to yourself. Until you forgive and forget you will be stagnant in life and resentful and unable to move on.