Legit Scientific Reasons That Beards Make Men Look More Handsome and Healthier


The owners of magnificent and manly beards have always been taking pride of it and nurture it with extravagant grooming products. But here’s more, beards have been scientifically proven to make a man look more attractive. And whats more, research states that the beards have many health benefits too!

The University of Queensland Researchers delved into the subject and thanks to them it is now proven that the bearded men have health preserving benefits due to their facial hair.

According to the research, one advantage men have is how their beard provides them with 90-95 % protection from damaging UV rays from the sun. Professor Alfio Parisi led the study and claims that the facial bush has a UV rays protection factors of 21.

He says beards might never be as safe as a sunscreen, however, the beard is a certain factor in blocking UV rays. Parisi with his researchers concluded this after they conducted an experiment using mannequins. Couple of mannequin heads was kept under the boiling sun. The heads had different beards from full beards to partial and some were bare faced.

To have a fair competition each head was rotated ensuring exposure to the same amount of sunlight to each. Later the scientist could measure the amount of radiation that each head absorbed. Since the beard is able to block sunlight from directly reaching some parts of the face, as a result, it slows down the aging process and keeps the skin supple and wrinkle free. It keeps the skin younger for a longer. Beards can also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

A little glitch is that for this kind of protection from the sun you might need a Viking beard. Beards however not just keep sun rays at bay but also from face stinging winds. With beard’s layer of protection, the skin beneath it is bound to remain as soft as it can be.

Further beard protects your eyes, nose, and mouth apparently from annoying sneeze stimulating irritants like pollen or dust. The bottom line? No matter who wants you to shave that beard up keep growing it!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, Giphy)