Learn to Handle friends who Drag you down


Friends are people who are very close to us and you won’t deny the fact that if there are no friends who you can lean on or share problems with, you would be lonelier. They are people who you want to be surrounded with forever, in your good and in your bad. And also they are that little source of energy when life looks rough to you.

But the other and a very important part of friendship is they can also be toxic for you. They can frustrate you, let you down, sometimes they would add value to your life and sometimes they won’t. Some are going to be respectful towards you and some would disrespect you and drag you down.

You can follow these steps so as to handle friendship that you think is holding you back

Determine the friction area:

There are some times when we feel awkward in a friendship as if we are locked out of it. This may be because of dissimilar interests than your friends. But you can’t change just because your significant other is not like you. So the first step should be finding out what are the things you both disagree to and then determine who is on the wrong side. By doing this you will soon get a conclusion.

Analyze the value of your friendship:

Friendship should have its values too. To see if you are in a right company of friends you have to find out whether the friendship has any value. Does your friend have the same kind of goals? If not, then the value of your friendship is quite low.

Test yourself:

There are chances that you are the one on the wrong path. And your friend might be ignoring all this because of silly things and may be because of your naïve approach to the friendship. Therefore the best way is to test you.

Excuse yourself from the friendship:

Walking away from friendship is not the right thing to do. But at times it is the best thing to do. A distance is created between you and the friend who is dragging you down. Only the people who actually matter would remain forever.

Determine whether you share same interests:

There are times when you feel your friend is putting you down because you both don’t share the similar kind of interests. Again you have to observe this by understanding the interest each person has. Then set up standards for the betterment of the friendship.

Clear up your expectations:

Sometimes you feel your friends are not the best. This may be because you have not let them know what you expect from a friendship. Therefore you should clear your expectations, so that you don’t feel like they are dragging you down.

Talk to them:

You should tell them about your discomfort. May be telling them about your feelings outright can make your friendship smooth going.