Know the right ways to dress up for a Night in a Casino


Going to a Casino is a royal feeling for everyone. That sound of machines, the energy coming from hundreds and hundreds of high rollers betting, mostly rolling and spinning their way to victory, the aroma of money in the air. In the midst of all this, every person wants to look classy and stylish while walking into a Casino. Therefore getting yourself in a right outfit is very important.

The thought of dressing up summons up the picture of James Bond, Isn’t it? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of dressing up for a Casino.

Black Tie

This is a style of formal attire; it does not give a posh look like a white tie. It came into fashion when tuxedos or dinner jackets were invented. The Black tie look for men should include a white shirt, a waistcoat, a black bow tie and patent shoes.

Black Tie Optional

Also a Black Tie is optional, as it is rather a new way of dressing. This dress code includes a dark suit, a white shirt, a smart tie and a dark leather shoes and socks.

A White Tie

Wearing a white tie is the most formal occasion dress and is fancy and posh for all areas of western fashion. But over the years, the style has changed. Now a very few Casinos require these type of dresses, only when you are visiting a fancy event.

Men are required to wear a black coat and a matching trouser, a white shirt with a winged collar, cufflinks, a white bow tie, leather shoes with black socks and a pair of white gloves.

This kind of look will satisfy the expectations of a casino on its clientele. Dressing down the suit is basically the best option for your local casino. Now with these few sets of advices you are all set to roll into a casino.