Know What Happens When You Fall In Love with Your Life Instead Of a Person


Being in a relationship is an exceptional feeling. You know you have someone to fall back on and someone you can share everything with. Any relationship has a two-way path where you have to give back as much as you receive. Understanding and commitment is the basis on how a relationship can sustain. Before promising unconditional support and love to another person you need to start loving yourself first.

When you start loving yourself you realize the power of loving someone despite their flaws. Knowing that there is no perfect person and you have to be proud of who you are. Embrace your weaknesses and believe in your strengths and see the difference in your life.


When you start loving yourself, you feel happy. You find out that happiness comes from within and not from any person or any external force. It is you who can keep you happy.


You look for more opportunities. You open up your life to new people and friends. You discover yourself more.

Enjoy your own company

You start making time for yourself so that you can spend quality time with yourself. You appreciate your own company.

Clarification of ambitions

You discover exactly what you want from life. You give up the wrong things and put your finger on the right decisions. You know what you want and you do everything to get it.

Value of relations

You begin appreciating the relationships that are already in your life. You realize how much significant your friends are and how much you value it.

Explore the world

You find you are curious about the world. You wish to travel different places. Visit different cultures. And in the midst of exploring places, you try to find yourself.

Proud of yourself

You want to achieve more, you want to reach more heights. So become proud of the life you created.

Difference between need and want

You start understanding the difference between what you need and want. Thus you understand what the things you need in life are and what you want in your life to be.

You do it!

You do things without hesitating or lazing around. If you want something to happen you do it and bring the change rather waiting things to happen for your life.

Savor feedback

You acknowledge when people share their opinion with you or when a veteran gives you advice.

You be the best and want to be the best in everything that you do. And you really fall in love with the person you have become.