Keep Moving Forward In Life with These Inspiring Quotes


Life has a lot of peaks and valleys and it is necessary for us to live through the good and bad. When we have a series of good things happening in life we are very motivated to take life ahead with enthusiasm in what we do, of what we have. But life becomes tough when we experience a lot of bad things due to wrong decisions or mistakes etc we tend to lose drive.

At such a time all you need is a little bit of motivation to inspire you to keep moving forward. The motivation will be enough to give you the energy to keep up with life, to beat failures and keep trying again. It will also prepare you to be ready for any challenges that life throws at you.


Below are some best inspiring quotes that will help you to hold up and keep moving forward.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Remember that what you are going through today may not be the same situation tomorrow. Which means if you are struggling today, there are always a tomorrow and the best is yet to come for you. Things in the present are going to change you cannot imply it as being your final destination. When you anticipate the best it motivates you to keep looking forward. So live the present moment for a better tomorrow.

Bad Things Lead To Good Things

The bad things that happen in our life are good as we learn to take better decisions. We rectify what we have been doing wrong. It directly places us in the path to good things. We are on the path to becoming perfect but we all were never perfect. It is a journey and the bad things only shape us to eventually make us better than we are now.

Move On

Fortunately, unlike trees, we can keep moving forward. If you are not happy with your situation right now, move on. Life goes on even with or without things. If you dislike your job, change it, if you are exhausted in a relationship, drop it. Bring the change you want to see in your life.

Let Go Of The Past

How do you expect to start the next chapter in your life if you keep rereading your last one? To overcome a bad book, readers pick a new book the next day, which is what we all need to do in life. Thinking about the past and regretting will never help you in moving forward in life.

If It Doesn’t Open, It’s Not Your Door

Perhaps life is trying to tell you that a particular something is not meant for you. If you are wasting your time on something and not reaping the desired results, it is probably not your path to be on. Life offers us many opportunities and paths. Never give up by just exploring one of those paths take another with the same drive and energy.

Always Remember Who You Are

As we strive to make a better life we tend to forget who we really are and what we really want. In the midst of managing daily struggles, we miss to remind ourselves of the bigger picture. Have a clear mind and believe in your dreams.

Mingle with the Young

As an adult, we tend to take everything with practicality and by being rational. But we almost forget the simplicity of life. Talking to a three-year-old will take you to a life’s perspective which is more free, careless and happy.

Listen and Silent Are Spelled With the Same Letters

Sometimes arguments don’t end with a conclusion. And not every misunderstanding has to have an answer. Sometimes it is better to leave a pointless conflict and that’s how you win.

Most of the times misunderstandings are caused due to the loud and constant flow of words which don’t make any sense. You find the underlying meaning through listening to what others have to say and sometimes it is better to not speak but listen.

Always Listen To Your Heart

Too much of thinking lands you nowhere. Sometimes we need to shut our minds allowing our hearts to take over. Over thinking can only frustrate us and not bring us to a conclusion. The heart takes you where there is nobody to judge you or to talk behind your back or influence your decisions.

You Don’t Have To Figure Out Everything

There is no need of figuring out everything in order to step forward. Life doesn’t come with a blueprint. You just have to take the steps to explore things yourself.

Don’t Stop Believing

Believe in life, your abilities and yourself in all. Believe in the mysteries and miracles of life. Belief increases confidence and makes things happen. It is better to fail than to lose all your dreams.