Jeff Bezos When Making Extremely Important Decisions Asks Himself This Question


There are so many people in this world who want to pursue their dream. Some dream to thrive in a high paying job, some want to own a business, some want to become an artist, filmmaker, dancer and much more. However, there are some who want to stick to their high paying job shoving their artistic dreams aside. It is because they don’t have the courage to change their field completely and lose a well-paying job.

However, over the time pain and regret will consume the individual for not taking the step towards their dreams and it haunts them throughout life.

These are the lifelong regret of most of the normal individuals. The things that act as obstacles are endless that don’t allow you to take the step towards your dreams. You might need to move to a new place, set up a new business, move out of unhealthy relationships etc. However, the temporary distress comes with the hope of improvement.

The Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos did this thing when first decided to sell books online in 1994 and pitched the same idea to his boss. His boss told him that it was a good idea but is a better one for somebody who didn’t already have a good job.

Jeff then asked his heart. The best way to go about this was to project himself forward at the age of 80 and say, “Look, when I’m 80 years old, I want to have minimized the number of regrets that I have.” He thought to himself that he didn’t want to be 80, in a quiet moment of reflection recalling life events and cataloging a bunch of major regrets.

According to Jeff Bezos, acts of omission become our biggest life regret which is a useful metric for any important decisions. Don’t be afraid of taking the leap or of the suffering. Things will make sense and you will really enjoy life in a richer sense.

(Photo credit: nypost, kaltura, cnbc )