International Trips From India That Is Cheaper Than Visiting Andaman


Travelling helps relieve stress and for some it just a medicine which helps them soothe their mind, body and soul. Be it travelling to a place in your own country or going for a trip abroad, we all have that excitement inside us. But, most of us don’t even think of planning a trip abroad because of the budget issues and we just plan a trip to Andaman. But the fact is, there are a lot of places you can visit which are actually cheaper than travelling to Andaman.


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If you’re looking for an exotic destination for your honeymoon which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket then Maldives is probably the perfect destination for you. It has a lot to offer you from adventure and water sports to clean beaches. And the seafood is what you’ll never forget. Maldives can be enjoyed equally by solo or couples. You can opt to stay with the locals to save a little cash and learn more about their culture. A 5 day trip for a single person will cost you approximately 40000-45000


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Don’t we just love that red and green Thai curry? Why not enjoy it at the place it actually belongs! You can get cheap airfares with hotels which will fit in your budget and make Thailand your next dream vacation. From night life to scenic beaches, Thailand has a lot of things to offer for all the ages. A 5-day trip will not cost you more a 35000-40000 per person.

Sri Lanka:

If you love learning about different cultures then Sri Lanka should be your next travel destination. Fantastic cuisines, natural beauty of Sri Lanka will definitely amaze you. A trip to Sri Lanka Will not cost you more than 30000-35000 per person. 


It’s one of the most popular destinations among Indians. If you love shopping and intrigued by architecture then you must visit Dubai. The surprising thing is that the travelling cost and lodging are cheap and over the years Dubai has become the most common travel destination for Indian middle-class families. For a single person, a trip to Dubai won’t cost more than 30000-35000.

The secret of budget travelling is smart travelling. You should opt to stay with the locals, go where the natives go.