Interesting Truths to Learn From Experienced Bosses


Bosses have reached the position they have with a lot of hard work. But when they do become a boss, there are set of more and distinct responsibilities that they have to manage. They have to face many business challenges regardless of being a CEO of a vast establishment or just a small scale entrepreneur.

If you are a new boss or someone who needs a little guidance to handle work as a boss then these interesting truths can help you through. Here is a list of facts observed by the experienced bosses while understanding what actually works when you are in the corner office.

A boss cannot manage groups, only individuals

A group is an abstract concept only present in your mind which is why you think you are managing a group of people. However, you are only managing the individuals of a group or the individual who is managing another set of individuals.

A boss can either control or coach but cannot do both

Every boss has a fundamental decision to make which is whether he wants to control an employee’s behavior or coach their behavior so it improves. Both are exclusive concepts and cannot be done together.

A boss must hire slowly but fire quickly

Every boss should take enough time while hiring because the cost of a bad hire is huge. But when one of your employees doesn’t work to the expectations of the organization make a quick decision so that no one suffers including the person you are about to fire, allowing time for everyone to move on.

To receive loyalty a boss must give it first

There are many bosses who complain about employees quitting half the way through. However, if as a boss you are ready to provide the kind of loyalty employees need financially or otherwise, then you earn back their trust. Support your employees and work with them, not just above them.

Too much of leadership in a team will spoil it

A team with complete leaders is a bad idea, did you think otherwise? In most situations, you are in need of worker bees than queen bees. Picture this; an orchestra of 100 conductors will be only a group of people waving sticks.

Rather taking the pain and discovering this yourself, it is better to know this basic knowledge or observations early for a better management in your organization.