India’s First major Fridge Magnets And Foreign Apparels Brand’s Inside Story: Success Journey Of Shubhra Chadda


Every time someone goes abroad, they have to reserve a sizeable amount for buying relics like beautiful fridge magnets for their friends and family. But what if someone wanted to buy something similarly eye-catchy outputs from India?

This idea forced Shubhra Chadda to find Chumbak, arguably the most head-turning brand for apparel, collectables, premium items and much more.

It is really a boon to have such a minute observation and find such a chasm in the ever-dynamic Indian market. But it is a greater boon to have the required courage and take a lead to be that bridge. Entrepreneurship is a province full of both opportunities and challenges clubbed with no guarantee of success, but those who know to follow their heart take this leap of faith.

I was staring at my fridge one day looking at the decorative magnets my husband and I had brought back from several of our trips. Suddenly, I realized that there were no souvenirs or products that truly represented India and I could proudly gift to my friends and relatives.

-says Chumbak co-founder Shubhra Chadda.

Both Shubhra and husband Vivek were living a healthy life, happy in their corporate jobs when this idea started cooking in their crest.

When she discussed it with her husband, he promptly acknowledged. And after months and months of research, they decided to be that chaw in the non-traditional token market and since then there’s no looking back.

Both of them vacated their corporate duties and sold their house for mere a Rs 45 lakh. This money became start-up capital for their own venture.

They sacrificed their home for the new-born baby that looked more promising than anything now. They aptly named it Chumbak owing to the origin of this concept.

Chaddha has always been an aficionado with an acute interest in the artistic sight. Her spirit is deadly amidst pulled Vivek into the business, exceedingly.

She had no prior knowledge about business so she took one year to research about product range, designs, and manufacturers.

After she was satisfied to give it a go, in 2010, she launched Chumbak, fridge magnets based on Indian theme with 12 product categories. However, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

She says:

Challenges came in various forms. Some small, and some very large. Some related to finding the right vendor and some to perfecting a design. But I believe the key is your attitude and approach to overcoming these challenges.

Despite shortcomings, I never even thought of quitting.

Chumbak took some time to expand their employee base, but now they have a staff of 70-75 professionals. And what Chumbak has taught me is that success doesn’t come in a day, it takes time to grow and prove oneself.

Today, Chumbak caters an exhaustive range of products both online and offline, and they are showing no signs of taking a pause.

The business also has wings and outsourced exports to Dubai, US, and UK. Based out of Bangalore, the company soon established itself in the industry and has grown out to be the major brand in such a niche range of style that caters to almost a customer base of 5 million till date.