Indian Startup Offers Rs 1 lakh To Interns For Sleeping At Work


People often complain of not being able to sleep due to jobs or complain that their sleep is not finished due to job overtime. Ever heard you will be paid for sleeping on the job? Yes, it is not a joke, but after spending nine hours of sleep in Bengaluru, you will be given a good salary. A Bengaluru-based company is willing to pay a salary of up to one lakh rupees. Under this offer, the candidate will have to sleep for 9 hours.

The Indian company has started an offer called ‘Sleep Internship’ in which the selected candidate has to do only work on AC + sofa. That is, the company will not make you do anything except sleep. In lieu of this, the company will also give you one lakh rupees.

Online firm Wakefit has said that it will give 1 lakh rupees to a person who sleeps for 9 hours every night for 100 days. The online sleep solution firm has named its program a sleep internship. Where the selected candidates will have to sleep 9 hours a night for 100 days.

Selected candidates will sleep on the company’s mattress. In addition, they will also participate in counseling sessions with sleep trackers and experts. However, the people who will be shortlisted in this internship program will have to send a video to the company in which they will have to tell how much and why they like to sleep.

Eligibility for ‘Sleep Internship’:

  • Having the inherent quality of falling asleep on getting a little chance.
  • The company further stated that the dress code “Pajama” has been kept for this.
  • A person has to sleep for 9 hours a night. And this has to be done every week for the next 100 days. The company will give you one lakh rupees for completing 100 days of sleep.
  • If you also want to do this internship, then for this you go to the company’s website and apply.