How to Impress a Girl by Amazing Outfit Styling


You have all the ideas in the world you think you need to impress a girl. Places you can take her, things you can say but did you think of impressing her with amazing outfit styling?

Besides having a good time and impressing her, dressing up for the occasion is also as important. You may be trying your chance to get someone to date you, so you can’t definitely leave things to possibilities but have to take control.

Let’s take a look at these stylish and smartly paired outfits that will make any girl fall for you.

Simple is the key!

It’s a date, not your wedding! Don’t go overboard with your outfit. You may pick everything that makes you look the best but end up putting together the worst of outfits. Simply pick a statement shirt and a pair of denim. Wear sneakers to complete your look and you are good to go!

Oomph Up with a jacket

To the simple outfit you chose, wear a bomber jacket and it will instantly lift up your fashion quotient.

Wear a casual suit

Casual suits can be amazing for a date if you pick a chic place. Pair it with a Henley t-shirt to finish up! Now that’s how you stay casual yet snazzy.

Plaid shirt and jeans

To not make it evident that you are trying, simply wear a plaid shirt and jeans. It is a perk if you have fit body to work this outfit well!

Denim is your savior

Denim never fails to impress! Wear a pair of jeans and white t-shirt and to top it off put on a denim jacket and you have for yourself a killer outfit.

Blazer and jeans

To look elegant jeans with t-shirt and blazer can be game changing. It makes you look cool and smart.

Leather jacket is something to kill for

If you are really into the impressing game leather jacket really takes your apparel up a notch.