How to Manage Your Life Better


In your everyday life, we can come across situations where we may allow ourselves to drive our emotional decision over the rational decision which often leads to disastrous results. Like arguing with someone who overtakes you or letting an argument between two others affect your day and peace of mind creating negativity for the rest of the day.

One best thing we could do is to detach ourselves from such events and people and connect to space and time. When you gain this knowledge you become more aware and feel at one with the universe. You start seeing any problem as something much smaller than the bigger picture of the universe and can always free from the troubled mindset.

Here some situations we face often and how to manage them.

If someone blames you, it’s actually good for you

The two things you need to do when someone blames you first listen to them, and secondly think of it as a game of karma. Maybe the blaming is to remove your bad karma and freeing you from the burden. This little wisdom will help you to stop saying things that you wish you had never spoken.

Praise a friend when you find another person bitching about them

This feels like a weird advice. You could just ignore the person who is bitching about a common friend and move on why praise them right? However, can you leave a person just because of one of their bad habit? Hence next time you should praise them for their good deeds. This way the person who is bitching about them would also start seeing the person they are bitching about in a new light.

Accept what you cant change

Some incidents are not in our control or in our capacity to change. You will just waste time and energy trying to change things. It saves you time to let it go.

Don’t argue with or hang around stubborn people

It is hard for some people to grow as they age and they don’t mature soon enough. Some still act like they used to when they were teens. It is wise to keep yourself away from such people and involve as little as possible in their matters. They are hardly a good secret keeper as well and if you by any chance share your feelings them they might spread how you feel embarrassing you. It is exhausting and so why get involved.

When your loved ones get overtly negative about life, just listen to them

A person is not negative but it is the energy and the events that surround a person that create negativity. Maybe it’s your parents or a friend or partner who might sound like they are whining about things to you. But for some time just try and walk in their shoes. Just listen and absorb their situation. Any relationship will only strengthen when you are able to better understand other’s perspective on things. It is a phase you need to pass and you just need to be strong in life.