How to Maintain Your Black Jeans


The black jeans are totally comfortable and give you the freedom of pairing it with anything. However, the downside is that they fade quickly. The faded black jeans only make us look silly and we don’t want to spend more on buying more of the black jeans. Let’s avoid the situation by learning the things you should do to keep the black jeans black and maintain it to last longer.

Wash it separately

You must be surely washing your black jeans for the first time separately to allow the residual black dye to run off. But every time you wash the black jeans it is bound to bleed a little with every wash especially in Indian conditions of hard water. So wash your denim black with other dark colors if the instructions on your jeans allow you to. Something we ignore.


Dyes and detergents have a love and hate relationship. Detergents are meant to wash off the stains which is why they tend to wash away the black dye present in your denim. Thus for washing your denim find a detergent with fewer additives and chemicals to minimize the adverse effects on your black denim.


As an alternative to detergents, wash your black jeans in hot water with a cup of vinegar. Vinegar is a brilliant fabric softner and doesn’t leave any residual smell.

Ditch the dryer

It may be quite appealing to dry your heavy wet jeans using the dryer but it will make the black dye bleed quickly. Air dry the jeans instead. Avoid the direct contact from sunlight or it will fade your jeans.

Wear your denim longer

Avoid checking your jeans for wash everytime you wear them. Denim is meant to be worn a few times before you wash them. Avoid stretching denim and subjecting it to rough use to extend your fabric’s life.

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