How To Get Rid Of Stinking Alcohol Smell


The breath of mouth after consuming alcohol can be irritating and embarrassing. If you don’t want to go home or in any event stinking of booze, there are helpful and effective ways to reduce the odour of alcohol of your breath. By eating and drinking several substances, cleaning yourself up, and working to limit booze breath, to begin with, you can end up breathing alcohol-free! Here are some effective ways to reduce the stinking smell of alcohol while breathing.

Use Garlic

garlic bread

To wrap up the scent of alcohol use garlic. The pre-remedy variant of this solution is buying garlic-infused meals like garlic fries or garlic bread while you’re consuming alcohol. While having garlic raw is also an option, retain that the odour of garlic is very strong and long-lasting.

Chew gum

Gum can be effective in reducing alcohol breath. Not only does the heavy smell cover up the stench of booze, but it can also make you salivate more. This can also decrease alcohol breath. Try using flavoured gum for more effects.

Drink coffee and water

Sipping both water and coffee can easily reduce alcohol breath. Water supplies the hydration and essential minerals you lost during drinking and raises salivation, which can decrease alcohol breath. Coffee has a powerful smell of its own, which can wrap up the odious smell of booze.

Chew Herbs

Green rosemary, parsley, spearmint or tarragon work really well to hide your alcohol breath (they also work fine for garlic breath, by the way). Crunch a sprig of one of these herbs after consuming alcohol.

Eat before or while you’re drinking

Eating while you’re consuming liquor can help diminish bad alcohol breath. Food engrosses some of the alcohol you drink while also stimulating the generation of saliva. This can inhibit dehydration, which can increase the proximity of alcohol breath.